Update from the Security Industry Authority (SIA)

Update from the Security Industry Authority (SIA)

We recently received the below update from the Security Industry Authority (SIA). Although it is aimed at companies and people working in the private security industry, we felt that it contained  useful information and guidance on dealing with the terrorism threat. There are a number of links, websites and videos that might be helpful to  those working in the security industry and  also the general public.

 Terrorism Threat

In response to the recent events in Manchester and London, we want to reinforce and emphasise the importance of vigilance and of reporting any concerns to the anti-terrorist hotline. The current UK threat level for international terrorism is: SEVERE. This means that a terrorist attack is highly likely. If you see or hear anything that could be terrorist-related trust your instincts and call the anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321. All SIA approved qualifications include counter-terrorism awareness, including looking out for hostile reconnaissance.

Please refresh the knowledge of staff that have received Project Griffin training and deploy staff who have received training in behavioural detection (where you have them).

The following guidance is taken from National Counter Terrorism Office (NaCTSO) recently launched publication. – ‘The National Stakeholder Menu of Tactical Options’. 

Be proactive in challenging visitors, vehicles and anything out of place and consider the following options particularly around crowded places, night time economy and iconic sites:

  • Review patrol strategy (be unpredictable). Adopt high visibility clothing
  • Brigade resources with neighbouring contracts/buildings
  • Report any suspicious activity in a timely manner. Early reporting of suspected hostile reconnaissance is vital in combating terrorism
  • Implement communication links with surrounding premises to pass on information about suspicious activity/behaviour
  • Consider closing non-essential access and exit points
  • Focus CCTV on all communal areas and vulnerable points
  • Ensure CCTV is fit for purpose

We recommend that security operatives refresh themselves with how to be vigilant by watching the video ‘Personnel security – Eyes Wide Open’ by the Centre for the Protection for National Infrastructure (CPNI).  The following resources are available:

Eyes Wide Open

Protecting crowded placed from terrorism


Find out more about:

Project Griffin (counter terrorism training for security operatives)
Project Argus (counter terrorism training to protect a business or an organisation).

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