About Us

Trust underpins relationships – Clarity underpins trust

Security Industry - A hand putting a key in a lock

Established in 2009, Avantguard is run by hands-on managers with extensive experience in the security industry. We understand your problems and we believe in a personal service for every client.

‘…towards a future where the private security industry is a respected profession..

The primary driving force behind Avantguard is a sense of pride in delivering a service which we believe is far in advance of our competition.  We are working towards a future where the private security industry is a respected profession and individuals are trained to an exceptional set of standards.

Security Industry - A building behind some security fencing

This blog was started to fulfill our aim to improve the image of the Private Security Industry.  Through this blog, we will provide our readers with useful information such as:-

  • Security tips and information about risks
  • Local and national Security news
  • New product / technology reviews
  • Useful information for buyers – what should they expect from a security provider?
  • Legislation and best practice updates
  • News from our industry governing body – The Security Industry Authority (SIA)